The Ring to the Name of Love

His indifference to her heart crushed deepest unforgettable, the ring still Yilian Zhao their ring finger, left her beloved gift so distressed, love the fascination with, feel too much beauty, giving it the most sacred significance, is to have individuals who are willing to roll up her hand again, to accompany her, dependent love, whole life and never!
Mind is so good, so intoxicated that she hopes to matter as people, she carefully placed on his heart, the ring also carefully Lianzhao her breath, care about the meaning of the wing, but he did not understand ; Perhaps the original intention of the ring he gave her no sense, because the ring is only her own clear, for the meaning; God will always create a lot of miracles, he put the ring caught her ring finger, the same as the spell , stick your fingers tightly around her heart filled with joy, but perplexed;
She deeply understand that he gave her, not the only, but once again the world with the same woman he thinks something like, once again caught a woman’s life. Perhaps he never thought about life, this woman put their life with their own knot tightly trap, firmly; pain is still obsessed with her, regardless of whether there had any sense, as a woman, she is stupid very cute, but their hearts are aware of the terrible.
Constantly immersed in, floating dream, often this time, her thoughts were already far away, in the final of the problem is thousands of miles away in his home, landing place, their own dream castle of the same eyes as the same Looking at the room out the window tree, each either drizzle or rain dripping, are accustomed to the open window, obsessed with looking at it, it is only just a tree, but she gives it so much The moral!
Do not understand is, send joy today is so indifferent, indifference; she belongs to him to find a meaning, but time and again blurred, like a lost child, between two-Harmony, could no longer see a trace of clarity, some more than the loss; like to use the child’s thinking, or thinking about a lot of problems today, he no longer seems to approximate the time of his far today, she is no longer like Zhensi false, she nearly made her his false becomes true, the far-left her his true meaningless!
Curved on children, tears; not with the day, she used to sit on the bus her favorite position, accustomed to face the left side, looking out the window, but not at night, her heart filled with is the shadow of night, when her heart is filled love;
Curved on children, he said, to him, looked at the sky the moon was round, I know he is watching her, thinking about her and remembered her; that time, she also jokingly said: is to look at a lot of people, not just a man watching her; fingers gently on the nose, the smell of the ring gently taste, could not resist the lips close to it, a long time, feeling her lips to Sese taste, do not know when a tear, sparkling diamonds fell on the sinking, he was a lip comfort.
He gave her a diamond eternity like a single show hyun pure pink roses; he gave her purple forget-me-pull around Menghun noble white roses, he gave her a lovely stupid woman, the most ignorant of love, she can not get away, she just want to know is how to understand the ring of her mind, her own ring finger was also so beautiful, but he let her ring finger lost her original meaning;
Maybe just inadvertently indifference, but she ran out of two whole hours, full of thoughts, dark hearts!


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