China Typhoon ASttack

No. 9 of 2011 tropical storm “Plum Blossom” (English name: Muifa, Name Source: Macao, China, the name meaning: a flower) in at 14:00 on July 28 generated in the northwest Pacific ocean. Subsequently upgraded to a super typhoon twice, and in at 15:00 on August 6th weakened into a typhoon. “Plum Blossom” at 11:00 on August 6, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province, the center is located about 425 kilometers southeast of the East China Sea surface wind near the center 14. Expected, “Plum Blossom” will be the speed of 15 km per hour to move northwest, gradually Qidong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang Zhoushan to the area near the coast, likely in the afternoon of 7 am to coastal land in this area may also be in the region coastal north.
Typhoon Typhoon took place according to the information in recent years that the law of typhoons and their characteristics are the following: First, there is seasonal. Typhoon (including tropical storms) generally occurs in summer between the first occurred in early May, the latest in November. Second, the center of the typhoon landing sites is difficult to accurately predict. Typhoon when the wind changes, often beyond expectations, the typhoon landing sites are often at odds with the prediction. The third is a rotation of the typhoon. The general wind direction when landing after the first North South. Fourth of severe damage. Do not sturdy building, a variety of overhead lines, trees, marine vessels, marine fish cage culture, sea and other devastating crops. Fifth, it is often accompanied by a strong typhoon heavy rain, big tides, tsunami. Six is ​​a strong typhoon, the force majeure, could easily lead to casualties. China has entered l50 degrees west longitude, l0 degrees north latitude, maximum wind near the center of tropical depression is greater than 8, according to the order number from year to year, this is what we from radio, television, hear or see “This year No. × typhoon (tropical storm, tropical storm). ”
Tropical sea surface by the water temperature leaving the direct sun, the sea provides ample moisture evaporation. The water vapor condensation occurs in the uplift and release a lot of latent heat, to promote the further development of convection, so that air pressure at sea level dropped, resulting in warm and humid air flows around the supplement, and then lift. This cycle of positive feedback, that second condition of instability (CISK) mechanism. In the vast sea conditions are right, circle of influence will continue to expand, up to hundreds to thousands of kilometers. As high-speed rotation of the Earth from west to east, resulting in air columns and the Earth’s surface friction, as closer to the equator, the stronger the friction, which guide the air column counter-clockwise (southern hemisphere clockwise rotation system), because the Earth’s rotation speed and flow column can not keep up the speed of rotation of the earth to form the westbound feel, which form we are talking about the typhoon and typhoon. PEP following high school geography book description of the first book:: the ocean surface temperature exceeds 26 ℃ over tropical or subtropical oceans, due to high temperatures near the ocean surface, a large expansion of the air increased, so close to the ocean surface pressure decreased, external air flow increased continuously added to. By the bias force of the impact of land transfer, inflow of air to spin. The increased expansion of the air cooling, in which water vapor condenses to form water droplets when cooled, to release heat, while promoting a low-level air on the rise. This past fall even lower sea surface air pressure, air rotation was more violent, resulting eventually in a typhoon.
  Typhoon structure
From the typhoon structure seen such a huge monster, which produces must have specific conditions. First, have a broad high temperature and humidity of the atmosphere. The bottom of the tropical ocean temperature and humidity of the atmosphere mainly on the sea surface temperature, sea temperature and typhoons formed in only 26 ℃ -27 ℃ higher than the warm ocean, and within 60 m depth of the water temperature should be higher than 26 ℃ -27 ℃ two, there must be convergence to the center of the lower atmosphere, spread out the initial high-level disturbance. High-level divergence and convergence must be more than low-level, in order to maintain an adequate updraft, low-level disturbance in order to continue to strengthen the three, vertical wind speed is not that much difference, the lower the relative movement of the air is very small, in order to make the initial disturbance in the release of water vapor condensation concentration of potential energy stored in the eye of the typhoon in the area of ​​the air column to form a warm and strengthen the central structure of four typhoons, there must be large enough to turn bias force, the Earth’s rotation as
  Typhoon structure
With the help of cyclonic vortex generation. In turn tend to force close to zero near the equator to the poles increases, the typhoon basic happen in about five latitudes from the equator than over the ocean.


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