Chinese-style Tender

Coerced the cool night falls, the house, lights dim, my face everywhere are Qiannian dyed plaintive sense of loss. Once again, I hugged his arms through the window, stared at the bright moon, it seems that I am waiting for a dawn, my heart pierced the wall, the release of your expectations. Pave the way their emotions at the piano melody in general, such as shallow water waves ripples the loose off, like you, I always Watch the most pure yet complex feelings. Even if the memories are always with a little taste of sadness, may themselves have always been too firmly remember the warmth.
Now, think of your idea, I will use very calm and relaxed but completely into the sad state to interpret its own state of mind rather than hurt, I might as lonely and red eyes, also because of warm memories and a smile. At this point, but sentimental thoughts with rational self-examination as “how to sing love songs,” kicked off, the music bloom gentle, impressionistic images had to talk with those who, nostalgia, was actually a yearning dedication! Memories of the little moved, the slightest attachment, lifted the veil that memory, I stood in the old place to recall those moments away … …
I was so eager for your love and care about, thinking of you, let you shine my chest every night, will I get comfort and upheaval. I think you give a gentle, quiet white face blossoming gentle smile; think of the warm comfort you, forget the night of solitude, like a sudden there is a dark corner secretly light, and that they will not panic; to I sympathize with you, like the winter snow total roaming hot to have a fire make me warm.
How can I thank you! When I came to you, I originally wanted to keep a grass, you gave me the green; I originally wanted to have a Lotus, you gave me the whole pond; I originally wanted to kiss a snowflake, you gave me the snow; I originally wanted to try a kumquat, you gave me the whole orchard; I originally wanted to pick a bouquet of chrysanthemums, you gave me the whole garden; I originally wanted a collection leaves you gave I have the maple. So, you became an honor in my mind the beautiful scenery! My heart is never lonely, for love to live in my heart. Those bright days, make myself a beautiful woman … still good …
That summer, under the oblique sun, the joy of my gorgeous, heart along with that year met the throbbing heart of the those few words embedded in the sentence is palpitations, but also their minds. Beautiful sunset, blooming time, we read each other in joy and sorrow, happiness and wonderful, passing the feeling heart, is love, love, had a thought of his obsession. So, I fell in love with sunsets, nostalgia enveloped the sky on a layer of orange-red glow of that. Their often stood by the river, enjoy the sunset fall, steady gaze, feel the breeze Wen Runqing through, listen to voice crooning shallow sing. Do you remember, we left the river with the laughter it? Do you remember, that when we watch the sunset with the elongated stay forever with the images? You see, a red and hanging above the clouds, radiant, layers of clouds were dyed bright, shining golden, like a mass of burning flame. End of heaven, and that water days junction, but also in disturbed ground surging forward, Choi Ha river flowing, sparkling. Beside the sea of ​​clouds, revealing a deserted deep twilight. Twilight, I carefully measured his own pace, I thought I could walk along the footsteps of our past, but found that I can not find exactly the same mark, as, I’m not sure what exists in the location of your heart! I can not help but laugh, how do I rely on you so stubbornly to the fatal once!


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