China Handbags in China

Bags to the woman, seems not just clothing with decorations, for me, often joking that it is the most important personal secretary.
Nothing else, look at all the personal secretary to perform the duties of which areas, may well be interesting one.
A nostalgic color beans with green leather wallet, about seven or eight years before the project, and did not buy it because the color of love this purse brand, nor to put the money dedicated, often still used to install with the envelope money, it appears a little card with a growing number of related, seems to have gradually restrained with a woman on the edge and would like to own a little tuning feminine, after all, not a woman should Taitailielie the bearing.
Although also considered a lightweight digital camera, or accounted for nearly one-fifth the size of bag, which I followed the inseparable for several years in a row. As far traveled alone, at least well-known large rivers and mountains of North and South Xinjiang visited almost all, the intake of a better way to style all the way recorded, packaged in the book bit by bit, stirring from time to time with wonderful memories of the world spoke the more nervous.
String bag dwelling in rose pink packet key is almost no long-term, the old home side, new home here, my mother home, office … … there are people who walk in front door for me, there is always a door is I open with, and share happy in every touch of the tough texture of the metal spontaneously when I am willing to bear this vital component, and always practical to rely on their own.
An embroidered peony pattern pencil case is that the purchase was a business trip in Suzhou, love that deep plum inherent in the elegant, more love to give pencil Peony tis reality beyond the classical and poetic, choose a few colors may need emergency oil pen to put pen to make them, like carrying a bag, like learning to come and go, sometimes lingering feeling hit my heart, he did forget to make it to the collection.
A cartoon cloth cover books is the daughter gave me a gift, from her own desire to buy may be exercised from the time when my purse was often more surprising things: ice cream gift box small plastic cartoon, colorful Tips paper, furry little toy, rainbow candy … … working hours and occasionally dig package run into a total giggle for a moment or else independently. But the books she sent to me solemnly, the title page picture of the pattern to write the words of advice to the effect that I wish every mother a successful career happiness, this book is required to write a fairy tale to her, infinitely long, and can be difficult to death me.
Otherwise a small mirror lying in a lipstick pencil bag inside a side pocket, almost can be considered waste a few, for a long time do not have time. Simple make-up every morning after washing the face to work, forget the day morning to makeup the. Lu-yu enemy sometimes imagined the embarrassment, the end of self-opening solution, is home to spend the Lord MILFs, no matter how fascinating and charming but also nothing to do with others … …
There are a few packs of Tie Guan Yin is a small package to carry forward, and someday have the right friends, eating and drinking together, took out screen drained away hotel “big Bazhua”, which is used to a certain period out of Mind , since the friend with the tea, not those who can no longer accept the poor quality of cheap tea.
Alps last fumbled a candy, the packaging has been opened. Mind most often helpless when I could not find a sugar, such as comfort, as can be inexplicable, “Alpine” I better off with a few years time.
Oh, yes, there are some fine dust falls on objects and the objects in the slot, a little flip on the package at the end of the fall, I do not know where they came from when it came, I almost not see them there, but I can perceive, after all, this is a storm all the way with the owner of the bag, it carries the deep trust the owner, outlining the silhouette of a real woman … …


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