Shoes of the Words

A pair of shoes, a story, a mood, a journey. Out of the way, grinding down the heart; Brush off the dust, brush is not the sole marks. –

Looking at the shoe in place was full of shoes, high heels, in with the, flat with the slope with the; high waist, the waist, short waist; black, brown, color; set drilling, no drilling; a fringed flower show, and the simplicity of no tassels; leather, leathery, and cloth of silver, a wide range, they decorated my feet, I also decorated the travel mood. See them in every pair, as seen one friend, familiar, unfamiliar, have ever met, and close friends of other women do not know how to love the shoes, Overall I love shoes a person, who is also a favorite pair of shoes, the shoes, the emotion of a long time, every pair of shoes I have a story behind every pair of shoes behind also recorded my happiness and sadness.

Daphne start that three pairs of shoes talk it, it was a little daughter, when quite like tea Rene Liu, shallow clean like her smile, like her single fold, like her intellect and talent, casual and unbridled course, because I like her and then she shot Daphne like advertising, like her soulful, said: “As a woman is a blessing, a bouquet of roses, a cup of coffee, a good book will be able to relax a long time long; a salad, a new clothes, a song can be happy very long time. a pair of shoes, a pair of shoes a woman is always less. a pair of shoes plus a pair of shoes, so the girl will become a woman, I am a woman, beautiful woman. yesterday girl woman today “, which like the Daphne shoes, a pair of dress shoes with the white slope, the upper drill a brilliant, simple and stylish to wear in the feet shine, let I usually add a few Taitailielie lady gas. Pair is is a result of green sandals, fresh color lovable, a pair of shoes are purple, thin high heel, feminine, but I was terrified, after they bought the shelf, then never on feet again. Three pairs of shoes, is a transition, good-looking, but I can see, each pair of feet can only wear one day I will not stand, not to be until it has a bubble is caught too raw so, thus understand, like a person does not necessarily have to like her all, Aiwujiwu and desirable, from a girl into a woman’s transformation is not a problem a few pairs of shoes, a pair of shoes much less a woman forever, as it is always one less woman copies trek travel mood.

Locked in the middle of the two pairs of eyes on the shoes, which are transferred Street with a friend accidentally bought, this is a pair of shoes to accompany a friend, and she was empty-handed, but I was a rewarding experience, is really determined to grow flowers do not open the motivation Plug positive outcomes shade, worn out shoes searching, to totally waste of effort ah. Pair is white, a pair of the khaki-colored, are the kind of soft leather, very comfortable to wear, no shoes, like shoe soles of the feet, foot wind, even if it took one day do not feel tired, I switch to Street essential travel, you figure they do not spend my time is short, when nothing stood quietly on the way, to wear when I do make every effort to use, even if it was kicked out of scratch, even in the cold for a long time , and no complaints, see them I think of my friend, my hair is small, my trouble friends, as long thin stream of water, a few words, a few things which shows the people, warm and appropriateness, care implied the This is a true friend, no matter how far out, they must be accompanied all the way alone!

Look at that whim bought a few pairs of shoes, a pair of boots the same as North Korea, thick with tall, wrapped in a circle, only to reveal four toes, a pair of casual shoes, shoe’s on a row of shiny drill, a pair of light shoes back seasons, when to buy them because of a small vanity, two because of Purchasing Guide glib, three because of the temptation to follow fashion, it may be mostly the latter, all these Therefore, purse, even though there is a little test of time uncomfortable, but it does not matter, the popular price points will have to pay, they have like a shoe in the elite, in their contempt for all circles, but soon to be new shoes hog the limelight, and is not necessarily popular U.S. shows, I can not always chase fashion, and even its heels and intangible, can only watch the dust sigh.



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