Smile on the Cup

Holiday for two days, every day spent in fulfilling the pleasant, though a bit tired but smiling always makes gains consolation thirsty heart. I fully enjoy the gift of life. One like myself, a stable family. Here is full of love greetings, imbued warm wishes. Let’s enjoy every day spent in a life every second. More and more of the “live good” feeling of excitement in this sentence and more love.
Afraid of silence, the silence after the lonely figure of fear go hand in hand so can not escape. Together with the children to see them reflected my shadow, revealing a kind of yearning and beautiful art I revel in the happiness of the. At that moment, I seem to have forgotten all existence, the moment of self-appreciation in cruising the wonderful hearts that trembled. Every day, ask yourself, are you going to harvest what? A calm and relaxed from his smiling eyes gave me the inspiration
See an old friend Lin Hu pursuit of art and life of calm and indifferent, a kind of admiration wells. His every word is like a clock, listening to vigorous, long pass, people in the mood to search for a peaceful and share brilliant sky. He, as in the deep forests year-round cultivation of the old man, pick up the pen in my hand, chic wrote “Road nature, everything is Going,” a “road” up the middle of the word cross, a competent, intelligent, calm demeanor of the general appear in the calm smile of disdain, but is so easy and natural. Time in the face of relentless destruction of our vicissitudes and become brown, but it brought to mind a more mature and nutrition.
Heart, in the light of the appreciation of the streams flowing. It was a laugh, with a Mona Lisa that smile a little hazy, it seems subtle but very clear. After a lapse of so long, the same is pure emotion and encourage each other’s understanding. Some things really, like a glass of wine, a glass of vintage wine waiting in the only time to product a more sweet taste. Still taste as sweet dried bacon. This is the feeling? Maybe we feel that everyone living in, a person waiting for a conviction, waiting for a promise, waiting for a humiliation, and feelings aroused only power emissions. Foundation in souls in the courage and strength. Sometimes, always ask yourself, what power to make your life full of hope and strong, we do not know, but feel good and precipitation of color living in non-stop to the antenna signal, can we In the busy stage of life dancing in their life.
Every day we are in the interpretation of their own stories, good, bad, happy, sad, hear, see, we really do not need personal experience to judge its true and false, without assessing its ugly and beautiful. Because this is a weird taste of the stage of life. Only pain was good to feel happy, only to experience the calm anger was tasteless, and only just feel busy idle frustration. Such is life, we only indifferent smile, sometimes not enough understanding of our own people do not make things difficult on himself. Because, after all, you still have some really support you in the audience interest in you. Thank you people do not understand, they had a treasure your friends. More often we need silence. Silence, we quietly focus on their own, learn to exclude and choice.
Night has been deep. Heart, and with this deep melancholy and solitude of the night Gumian. Because, front surface of the many, many, like the starry night sky inadvertently flashing, so I worry I will not help., Only to find the heart in tears, that tears in fragranced bitter in … …


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