How to Make her Like me

Sunsets gradually dim, the noise is silenced.
Messy clean up good mood, sitting in quiet edge of the bed, I looked at the clean room spotless, I feel very warm.
Lin Ching’s “leap in the blue sky and white clouds,” Collected Works very lady placed on the desktop, and that Zhang Ningjing clear and beautiful face appeared in front.
Soft lighting and shine in her face, slanting ray of hair hanging in the ear, the delicate nose that tilted slightly, her eye faint Staring out the window site, and that wire a bit quiet in a hint of melancholy ….
I want to go home! The voice sounded clear sound shallow, instant hit with my blood, I float like clouds in deep, raging with me feel deeply uneasy, a long time immersed in the disturbed emotions and not struggling.
She never receive as a guest does not know how much I like her because like her, so I am willing to go to her more happiness and flew, I do not hinder her to be happy, she’s left me very sad, but I know that she likes him, and he is so like her, will be good for me love her right. what to say I like someone else, only I know the secret is never an excuse to be who knows, in order to She became my best efforts, want to be like her look … but I just made all efforts in vain
In such a quiet night, I continued with a person’s life, quiet record of the journey and came to realize that I have seen bits and pieces, enrich my life, each engraved with a dancing life memories.
When the day, we walked down the train, as the smile counted as leave, watch the vast sea of ​​drowning in the back and walked away, stored in a memory of something that is called, I think even without the reunion of the greetings, but also in each other’s a blessing on the sky off the birds, and clouds Xiangxi, with the kind of life a better future deep and robust spirit and look forward to accompany dance.
Aged me years later, in the snow decorated the night sky and the earth, so a short journey on the same snow as midnight, but also to remember clearly, I think I will wind around the fragrant cup of tea in a warm room sit, to stare deep site collection goes on in the hearts of orange illuminated face, deep in the journey that faint aftertaste of melancholy eyes, share a beautiful sadness ….
Perhaps the cloud, I only occasionally through the wind, I can only silently bless her tomorrow, a white cloud, Xiaoxiao Sasa, perverse years of floating in the sky, so pure, beautiful, and more position ….

Article from:like in china


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