Drinker Favorite

Drinker is not the hazy drunk alcohol, but rather to find a sober drunk, a relief, a release, the mood is not that wine drinkers, but rather in a drunk in the end edge of love, a knot, a copies of melancholy, the drinker will not take up drunk in the pressures of life, emotional setbacks, the loss journey, while the number in the world laugh, free and easy without being swore if all the love and hate, right and wrong, or not in the Ming Ding wake up in the forgotten dust floating din complex, the vicissitudes of life origin.
I would like to be thorough drinkers, in the absence of so many years I can count drunk to go to find the kind of false, to be always Chouchangbaijie, chaotic thinking processes, that is now trapped in “bad drinker” in the notorious Perhaps all of the blame is on duty, perhaps to persuade all the faithful are good, can someone really know how my heart is what causes day and night, a flowing sorrow and grief and sorrow it? No one understood 3,4 o’clock in the morning in bed sleepless, I removed what kind of suffering under the rain experience? Nobody knows how I am thinking of the next hip-hop with a heavy brow and shake off the melancholy of every day and night? CD is the wine into the intestine, meaning vast as light.
In fact, the drinker is not numb and blind, this is only one way to choose what kind of distribution of scores, devoid of feelings, abandon all ring true and injustice, for those kind of drunk I was flattered, and the real brewing for the aromatic bitter drinkers can, can become a quiet sigh of blank, can unfortunately cut in Hanzui landscape outside. I also understand that a mixture of ethanol and water can cause any kind of physical harm, but also know that this thing choking the ups and symplectic astringent, but I always curse swear again and again the temptation to do after a faithful slave, I will power a problem? Still want to be effective the ancients “around the belly Doujiu clear desire mad, do not think of the mundane world without Sin Sin” do? I have no way to answer the.
Drinkers do not want to wake up, because only in that dreamless sleep in order to do a true self, drinkers do not want to read, facing the cup face gloomy shadow, to the pain and sorrow suppression Junior drained, do not like drinkers lonely silence those who do, only for the passionate restlessness, blood after acute Bay is another aimless solitary, so do not be easy to denounce a drinker, he is to understand how the pain of knowing in a hard drive in the trip.


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