Chinese Culture of “key words”

Written in ancient Chinese culture, a glorious chapter. In modern times, China to the West’s great cultural learning, and tap the nation’s cultural elements and the soul, then this new culture elements to re-shape the soul of the nation. Behind a hundred years ago the Chinese civilization in the world, so Hu proposed a “total Westernization”, QIAN that “abolition of Chinese characters”, as well as
Some radical that “Down with Confucianism.” At that time China’s GDP ranked the first in the world last several, but I am pleased to tell our American friends who, through years of arduous struggle, China’s GDP has entered the world top three ranks. In the rise of China as a great power, if still “Down with Confucianism,” “abolish Chinese characters”, “Westernization”, it is not national self-confidence and self-esteem. I want the world to China’s economic revitalization and cultural renaissance to be more patient, more than a little time to China, so Chinese culture as an important spiritual ecology of human culture.

Chinese culture of “key words”
Here I give you briefly talk about “the beauty of Chinese culture, the spirit of” few words.
The first word is “section.” Chinese knot and a knot for each relevant section of the festival. Prehistoric China – making the text before the first knot, the small things that play a summary of the big things hit a major point of the knot, more national issues play a bigger knot. Knot into the collective unconscious of Chinese culture, Chinese culture into each of the national and spiritual tradition to remember the password. Section of the vertical linkages of the national family-oriented horizontal linkages, not only about family, but also about community, about the whole country. China Festival is a festival of solidarity, a reunion of the section, a mutual communication and understanding of the section. Chinese festival of Chinese culture fingerprint. Loved ones during the festive season, the Chinese festivals with thoughts, with their loved ones are closely related.

The second word is “in”, is in China, the moderate middle. Western section of the balance is to take them, China is not the case. Chinese medicine we see that the scale does not? Left for a short period, the right for a long period, there is a powerful chain of weights, put the overall balance to find. In China, not “take off the two-phase one”, on the contrary it is a high intelligence, high balance, is skillfully deflected the question, “the.”

The first three words of “Yong”, many foreign friends to China to learn, think yung word is mediocre, is commonplace, even trivialization. “Explanation” that “the commonplace use it,” Zhu Xi explains, “often also commonplace.” Yong explained that in ancient times, the commonplace is also constant. What is constant? Perseverance. I gave my doctoral students holding a calligraphy Comment by me, you know a rice paper less than 10 grams, this 1 meter tall and 80 students, gave less than 10 minutes, his hand would gradually move no more , said the teacher I die. If you want to give the student a hundred pounds weight of stone can be easily, why give a 10 grams of calligraphy, but can not stand 10 minutes then? Shows how difficult it is perseverance. Therefore, China’s Yong words to tell you: have a good idea and system, must take it consistently stick to it.

First phrase is “filial piety.” What is filial piety? Love in return! Chinese culture is a culture of filial piety, filial piety is the largest Chinese cultural capital. Dragon Boat Festival, Double Ninth Festival as well as the Spring Festival, is closely related to almost related to filial piety. “Explanation” explained: “filial piety, charity parents from the old province, from the child. Inherited old also. Call to teach cutting.” We see China’s “religion”, which left a filial, a right of the text, only caring for the elderly people, with culture, people are educated people, is by the enlightenment of the people. You know how on the Confucian filial piety it? Confucius say two words: “color is difficult.” Translated into modern Chinese, is the pleasant face of parents and stick a hundred years, until the old people died. Difficult? Hard! Chinese have a saying is “no filial long illness”, as good to the parents to buy things, buy a pound of rice dumplings can not be said of filial piety, filial piety is the persistent “hard colors”! Today, the Chinese civilization in the culture of filial piety has been questioned, but I think it is very important in Chinese culture, one aspect.

The first five words are “and”, and is harmonious and. The 20th century, is the world’s largest trend: for the whole of Europe to provide a modern and civilized world. It stressed that the “three competition civilization” – is a competition between individual and individual, collective and collective struggle between the state and the state of war between. World War I, World War II are in the fight between the world powers. After the end of World War II in 1945, the United States became the world’s dominate the field, America’s post-colonial culture and colonial culture in Europe is not the same, it proposed a “three civilizations”, that is a large, chips, potato chips civilization. We can say that American culture through the post-colonial culture is a large, chips and potato chips this peaceful, slow, cultural industries and information power in a controlled manner, to integrate control of the world together.

What kind of Chinese civilization and civilized form of it? I think it is “three and civilization.” The first and, in family harmony among individuals – “Harmony”; second is social harmony; third international peace. East and West have different cultural and psychological structure, I believe that the struggle of Western civilization and the three three three and civilization and Chinese civilization in the 21st century will seek common ground, complement each other, become an important aspect of future human civilization. China’s three and three Western civilization should become an important supplement to fight civilization and cultural co-ordination, should the spirit of oriental culture of Western unilateralism and hegemonic culture has correction and enlightenment.


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