Belongs to the Child’s Lighting

What kind of light, it can give a child living, learning and living environment to create a good light? Some novel design, unique lamps, really fun, so let the child do?

Children’s room lighting environment, and the master bedroom that the “warm” feeling different, should be fully taken into account the child’s personality and growth needs.

Children’s room both general learning, games, rest, storage function, is disguising the Children’s World, so the interior of the overall room lighting levels should be higher than in adults, and the light should be soft, so that the room have a warm and peaceful atmosphere. In addition, the room also need to have a corresponding local lighting, so that the children reading their homework, find books, look for the use of stored product, or the use of uniquely shaped lamps for the room to add playful.

If indoor lighting layout is unreasonable, insufficient light, or to emphasize the decorative effects and ignore the child’s actual needs, will receive the opposite effect.

Children’s lighting design is safety an important aspect to consider

1, learn to use light features: eye protection, safety, environmental protection

For a time when school-age children, learning is the primary task of this stage, therefore, suitable for the children pick a desk lamp is essential. Children’s world is always a fantastic point dyed colors, parents choose for their children lamps, they often choose cute, colorful lighting, but sometimes the appearance of beautiful lamps does not guarantee the child’s visual health. Because children are in the growth and development of lighting options to consider not only whether their safety and environmental protection material, shape is consistent with the child’s psychological characteristics, for lighting fixtures for learning is more important is whether the child in light of actual needs.

Because of its instability in ordinary light, flashing light can easily cause the child’s vision loss. Therefore, choose a bright and high color rendering of lighting is particularly important, a new generation of three-color fluorescent is a good choice, its luminous efficiency is 1.4 times the normal fluorescent lamps, fluorescent color are 1.2 times normal, the light is more bright, true, but also show the natural colors, more favorable light than the average child’s learning needs, and can protect eyesight.

2, decorative light features: changing shape, bright colors

Children are generally to the overall room lighting and local lighting to configure a combination of lamps, lighting a whole have to use chandeliers, ceiling to create a clear space, fantastic light effects, and places of local wall lighting, lamps, lighting, etc. to fit different lighting needs. The lamps should be selected in the shape, color, give the child a relaxed, full of charm of light perception, to expand children’s imagination, stimulate children’s learning interest. Therefore, parents may wish to select children’s room with the children of light, let the children enjoy the fun of self-burning the midnight oil.

Star luxury with a tanker, a mountain biking, a blue sky plane, is how many people have childhood dreams, and now, the shape has been used in Chandelier, made of frosted glass are used, linked to a This chandelier in the children room, children can begin to imagine given the wings, learning will become interesting. If you would like to remind the children remember the time, then select the type of doll wall clocks it. Well as the stars, the moon shaped pendant lamp, ceiling, wall, revealing the different materials of different lighting effects, crystal bright moon light, and frosted glass light is flowing out of the moon, water, warmth. Lamp changing shape, bright colors, give the child a relaxed and full of charm in the world.


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