Chinese men’s Weakness

“I am a Chineseman!” Mr. Locke as the Chinese-American politician in the United States sounded the slogan, Chinese men in the world has actually become a specific group. They are found in every corner of the world, engaged in a variety of occupations, is already an important component of man in the world. They do not have the perseverance of Japanese men, and no man’s tenacious Middle East, not to behave like a gentleman, as European men but romantic character. Their personality is bound to be a special case – even though they made in a variety of positions so noteworthy achievements, or politics, or business, or scholarship, or workers. Some people say that their traditional, some people say they avant-garde, in short, I personally feel that China itself is the lack of men, or some thing, and this is their inherent deficiencies, but also they cause the most fatal weakness.

One weakness: No!
We often see in Hollywood films which outraged foreign men shouting ‘No! ‘But the real implementation of our men’s head to China, but few people will say this, everyone is most likely to complain about at home, or the Internet to vent anger. Chinese men’s ‘ability’ is patience, saying resolute into gold. And this ability to get foreign countries to not fit, the reason why Chinese men in foreign countries will be there a lot of mental illness and even criminal behavior, it is because lack of communication between Chinese men on the one hand, on the one hand the lack of the normal vent, do not know refused, only know the patient, the results often become everyone’s punching bag.

The second weakness: I was right!
This is all Chinese men are in short words, not stick to their point of view almost all the Chinese men a common problem. In primary school we have to understand that ‘parent’, ‘teacher’ is always right, this weak character can be said to put an end to Chinese men that masculinity exists only culprit. Silence is golden, not convinced … These negative thoughts run through the slogan of the Chinese men are basically regarded as a motto, it must be said that Chinese men’s tragedy.

The third weakness: Good Men do not fight with women!
I now can not understand why this is so – women now have the mental and men’s achievement matched. Men and women fighting is not correct, if that woman also, in principle, unlimited tolerance even to maintain the ‘gentleman face’ do not want to expose some of the women’s cynical treatment of the Department or unreasoning, often leading to their disappointment or even unemployment.

Weakness of the four: the first brother!
Chinese men’s gang ideas, small ideas, small-group mentality in this sentence can be seen clearly. Resent foreign control of Chinese men were most words, as ‘brothers’ affection between the can first, an unconditional accommodation and tolerance. At this open environment, one requires independent thinking, on the one hand requires teamwork, the slogan completely obliterate the two key elements. No doubt, these words have a variety of organized crime is one of the factors.

Weakness of the five: men do not cry blood!
Liu kings are sung, “a man weep not a crime”, Pan, Oscar Wilde is crying generation. Psychologists also contribute to psychological pressure that tears the release – but Chinese men do not understand this truth, men have to face China in the final analysis, the Chinese men on the one hand a strong self-esteem, on the one hand and a strong sense of inferiority, they do not have a man in Germany the atmosphere, there is no law of men and delicate, but the reason of self-esteem – is almost no country in the world to shame as a man’s tears, Chinese exception.

Weakness Six: woolly-headed!
This sentence is not to say Banqiao has no basis to test, but the words have been poisoned by the Chinese men three hundred years is no doubt. Chinese men believe everything eye, close one eye, Mr. Hu has been criticism of the Chinese people about doctrine, but the Chinese men just do not know remorse, they blindly believe that chaos ideology, without understanding anything, subjective, with emotional, muddle along, resulting in the loss of talented people the opportunity and have the opportunity to those people who have no talent, so a considerable number of men playing abroad, “has shipped no life ‘role.

Weakness of the seven: I am getting old!
China is the emergence of a strange phenomenon, on the one hand their 40s and 50s often sighed his old man, Huiren, melatonin revolving door of filling to the stomach; the other hand, the community again fifties and sixties, the men said as ‘young talent’. Chinese men say that they are accustomed to the old, but the community did not admit that. This is not established in a foreign country, the retired have a lot of welfare policy, but to get retirement benefits on the premise that society must also be time for public welfare services, rather than passive Chinese men cry ‘I am old! ‘, And then leave the territory.

Weakness of the eight: I am your father!
China is now the father who seems to have been actively engaged in dialogue and their children – because parents play a ruler is doomed to fail. Because the current is different from the previous China China. The relationship between parents and children has become more equal, rather than the traditional relationship between the collar and be led. Instead, we see that waving a big stick at home outlet to the child’s father is in the community must be an edge of frustration people.

Weakness of the nine: Oh … …
Chinese men’s favorite sigh – probably stems from the Taoist philosophy of the gas management, said, sighing could clear the meridians, the Chinese medicine theory, which has been confirmed many times. But sigh as the vent means is clearly inadequate. The cry cry, laugh to laugh, the world’s most successful man is a man law, as they have the richest men face, rather than Chinese men as rigid, so rigid, for men only know how to sigh, any setbacks is a fatal blow.

Weakness of 10: I had said … …
Hindsight is a feature of Chinese men, named a U.S. magazine has done, the Chinese men’s sense of responsibility in the world last. In any formal occasion, if there is a problem, most Chinese men will not take the initiative to take responsibility, but on the one hand the transfer of responsibility, on the one hand for their own sophistry. Because of this phenomenon, a considerable number of foreign companies are reluctant to allow Chinese men lead some major projects. There are many Chinese men mouth word, such as “electric scooter“, “fucking”, “tough black accounts” and the like, it does not display anything – except the evil Chinese man: selfish, no sense of responsibility, and narrow personal ism outside.


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