Christmas Day in China’s Influence Growing up.

In China because of the increasing number of Christians, the Christmas section of the growing influence of big.

Christmas is the world’s largest Christian festival. 4 century, Jan. 6 is the eastern Roman Empire and the birth of Jesus Church commemorating the baptism of a double holiday, known as “Epiphany” (also known as “Epiphany”) that God, through Jesus show the world their own. Jerusalem Church was the only exception, where not only mark the commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ was baptized. Later Christian historians in Rome, learning to use the calendar found in AD 354 pages December 25, records: “Christ was born in Bethlehem of Judah.”

After the study, is generally believed that on December 25 for Christmas, probably began in AD 336 the Roman Church, was reached in about 375 AD, Antioch in Asia Minor, reached Egypt in 430 AD, Alexandria, Jerusalem Church acceptance was the latest, and insist on the Armenian Church is January 6, Epiphany is the birthday of Jesus.

December 25 was originally the Persian sun god (the god of light) Mithra’s birthday, is a pagan holiday, but the state religion of the Roman sun god is also one of the gods. This day is the Roman calendar the Winter Solstice Festival, the pagan sun god worship are this day as the spring of hope, the beginning of the recovery of all things. May be due to this reason, the Church of Rome was chosen as Christmas day. This is the beginning try to turn the pagan customs of the Church of Christ one of the measures. Later, although the majority of churches are accepted on December 25 for Christmas, but solid local churches use a different calendar, a date can not be uniform, so he took the second on December 24 to January 6 year as Christmas steadily period, according to local churches around the specific circumstances within the period of this festival to celebrate Christmas. Since December 25, recognized by most churches after Christmas, the original January 6 Epiphany to commemorate the baptism of Jesus only, but the Catholic Church again on January 6 as “Three Kings to the DPRK’s Day” to commemorate the Oriental Three Kings when Jesus was born (ie, three PhD) to pay homage to the story.

With the widespread dissemination of Christianity, Christmas has become a Christian sects, and even non-Christians, the majority of the masses is an important holiday. Many countries in Europe and America, people attach great importance to this festival, it and New Year together, and the grand celebration of the lively and much higher than the New Year, a national holiday. December 25, the main celebration of the birth of Jesus with the legend. From December 24 to January 6 next year for the Christmas holiday season. During the festival, Christians held a grand national memorial ceremony. Christmas was originally a Christian festival, as people paid special attention, it has become a universal festival, is the year in Western countries, the biggest festival, and New Year can be compared, similar to China’s Spring Festival. Westerners with red, green and white as Christmas colors, Christmas comes every household is decorated with Christmas colors. Red with Christmas flowers and Christmas candles. Green is the Christmas tree. It is the main Christmas ornaments, with the cut to the cedar, cypress was a tower of a class of decorated evergreen tree, hanging above the colorful lights, gifts and paper flowers, but also lit the Christmas candles. Red and white side by side is Santa Claus, he is the most popular Christmas activity characters. Western children went to bed on Christmas Eve before, in front of the fireplace or put a pillow next to the socks, after waiting for Santa to fall asleep in their socks on the gift within. In the West, playing Santa Claus is also a custom.


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