Chinese Kung-Fu

Chinese Kung-Fu is not just fighting technique, but is not a simple fist movement. Chinese martial arts pay attention to hard and soft, internally and externally, both just Jianxiong beautiful shape, more elegant and deep meaning, contains the founding fathers and pondering the meaning of life and the universe. The mystery of Chinese Kung Fu: Seven Fist, secretive hidden weapon, all the martial realm of unique martial arts arena, the Chinese martial arts unique and complex derived from martial arts culture. Wushu is a martial art as the main content to the form of routines and fighting for the movement, focusing externally to the traditional Chinese sport of which way a lot of Shaolin Fist; including small Fist, Big Fist, old Fist, Luohan, Shaoyang boxing , Plum Flower, Pao Quan, seven boxing, boxing, and so soft, there is pull on the training routines and Luk, biting hand Luhe, ears Luhe, kicking Luhe etc. In addition, “the mind” and other casual strokes training method. Equipment have knives, guns, swords, halberds and other weapons of eighteen complete.


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