Golden Hall in Vienna

Vienna Golden Hall stage Need LED stage lighting LED stage lighting products in the processing of the process to take anti-static measures, such as: table to the ground, the workers wear anti-static clothing, with anti-static ring, and with anti-static gloves, conditions can install anti-static ionic fan, while the production plant to ensure about 65% humidity, the air is too dry to avoid static electricity, especially the green LED easily damaged by static electricity. In addition, different quality grades of antistatic ability of the LED are not the same quality high-grade anti-static capabilities of the LED is stronger.

Some manufacturers use in order to reduce product cost, “RC-buck” approach to LED stage light product supply, this will directly affect the life of LED stage lighting products. Should use a dedicated power supply (preferably a constant current source) to power LED products, so as not to affect the life of the product, despite a relatively high cost.

LED temperature resistance will become smaller when the external environment temperature increases, LED light source resistance will reduce, the use of regulated power supply will cause LED current increases, when more than its rated current, it will affect the service life of LED products, LED light source will be serious, “burnt out” and therefore should be used in constant current power supply to ensure that the LED current from the outside temperature.

LED products, LED stage lighting products seal often used outdoors, facing the same waterproof, moisture-proof sealing problems if not handled properly it will directly affect the life of LED products. Some of the high quality product manufacturers using the traditional epoxy resin “water” method to seal the LED products, this method is more trouble for the larger LED products (eg, LED guardrail light) is not very suitable , will result in an increase in product weight. I know a place has a great LED spotlight Click Next to it LED spotlight


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