Anti-material world

The universe is there, “antimatter” mean? “Antimatter” in the end what is it? “Antimatter” is the antithesis of a material and conceptual. As we all know, atoms that make up the smallest particles of chemical elements, which consists of nuclei and electrons. Center of the atom is the nucleus, the nucleus composed of protons and neutrons, electron spin around the nucleus. Nuclei in the proton is positively charged, negatively charged electrons. From their quality, the proton is 1840 times more electrons, forming a strong asymmetry. Therefore, the early 20th century, some scientists question the difference between the two so poor, would not exist another particle, they are equal and opposite polarity of power?

The discovery of anti-particles
In 1928, the British young physicist Dirac theory put forward positively charged “electron” possibilities. Such particles, in addition to contrast with the electronic charge, the other are the same. In 1932, U.S. physicist Anderson through experiments, the Dirac’s prediction became a reality. He put a bunch of γ-rays into a pair of particles, one of which is electronic, the other with the same particle mass of an electron with positive charge is. In 1979, the New Mexico State University scientists to a huge 60-story helium balloon, into the ground 35 km altitude, flying eight hours and captured 28 anti-protons. Since then, people knew each particle has a corresponding antiparticle.

Corollary of the theory
People under the anti-particle, anti-natural to associate the existence of atoms. A proton and a negatively charged electron binding, they form atoms, then an antiproton and a positively charged “electron”, not to form an anti-atom it? And so on down, would be to form an anti-material world? In theory, it is established. However, the study found that particles and antiparticles, once met, will “die” into high-energy V-photon radiation.

Annihilation effects
Cosmological point of view in accordance with symmetry, “antimatter” is there. This school of thought, we see all the galaxies (including the Milky Way), was originally nothing but a huge and thin cloud of gas, the plasma composition. Plasma contains both particles, but also contains the anti-particles. When the gas cloud began to shrink under the action of gravity, the particle and antiparticle opportunities to engage more up, they had annihilation effect, and the release of enormous energy, the contraction of gas clouds begin to swell. This means that the expansion of the plasma gas cloud, which is positive and anti-particle annihilation caused.


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