University of Chicago scientists in Minnesota found a detection experiment is called “weakly interacting massive particles” (WIMPs) there is evidence to support a long-standing square controversy.
    WIMPs is assumed that the existence of particles constitute the dark matter is believed to be the most likely component. Dark matter is believed to constitute 80% of the universe invisible material substance. In Minnesota this is called COGENT experiments, an abandoned iron ore in the depths of a hockey-sized germanium recorded his rare crash with WIMPs.
    COGENT researchers found that there are seasonal variations impact the frequency – higher in summer and winter low. This finding and the Italian researchers made use of different detectors for 13 years, larger the discovery of a similar experiment. In that known as DAMA / LIBRA experiment, the researchers attributed this phenomenon in the Earth through a WIMPs “cloud.” But many physicists doubt this explanation, because there was no other experimental observation of this phenomenon.
    May 2, COGENT team leader, Hu An Kele University of Chicago in the American Physical Society in Anaheim, California, held a conference to announce this new discovery. U.S. Fermi National Laboratory theoretical physicist Dan Hooper said, COGENT has some new findings we expected to detect the characteristics of dark matter will occur, “This discovery is very similar to the DAMA.” But Hooper also pointed out that this finding is not equivalent to the discovery of dark matter, because these results the possibility of occasional high enough evidence recognized as a physicist.

    University of Michigan professor Catherine Fritz said that if the COGENT finding is correct, this means that the WIMP has a relatively low quality, the quality of the proton is about 5 to 10 times.


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