China Handshake Etiquette

China handshake etiquette
Straight, right hand four fingers together, thumb up, palm to the left hand roughly waist height flush, the hand holding the other, should be watching each other with a smile, they should be a few pleasantries.
Handshake should pay attention to:
1 Do not half-hearted, his eyes to watch each other;
2 handshake time not too long (usually 3-5 seconds or so);
3 Do not shoot each other’s hands arms;
4 handshake is not excessive force. (Relations in general, both a little hard grips, can shake up and down; if close, may be a little hard and shake up and down a few that are both deep friendship or affection, but only a fingertip grip or a finger or hand delivery only wrap the other hand, it is impolite act).
Handshake should follow the principle: Venerable top.
Between the upper and lower levels should be higher the first hand;
Length between the younger generation, should the elders first hand
Between men and women should be women first hand;
At the same level between peers, regardless of who should hand.
Guests and the owner shook hands, reaching a different order. Greet guests, the owner first hand; bid farewell to the guests, the guests first hand. When guests arrive, the general master first hand, welcome; guests to leave, usually the guests first hand. Guests before hand that allow the owner to stay behind.
Handshake taboo
Do not shake hands with his left hand does not shake hands shake hands without wearing gloves, do not cross unclean hands do not shake hands with others, not to shake hands with the other hand is not wearing sunglasses pocket or shake hands, people with eye diseases or eye impairments exception


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